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White Tea - Organic Silver Needle

White Tea - Organic Silver Needle

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TH0101 Organic Silver Needle White Tea (Baihao Yinzhen, Bai Hao Yin Zhen)

Organically grown Origin : Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Style : Lightly oxidized, light body, sweet taste, nutty flavour
Loose leaf style : Buds
Loose leaf color : Silver white
Wet leaf style : Silver Green
Tea color : Light Gold
Certification: USDA, BCS, JAS certified organic

Silver Needle White Tea (Baihao Yinzhen) is considered as most rare and precious white tea. It is made of hand picked new buds covered with silver hair. It is lightly oxidized, mainly produced in Fujian, China. It is naturally withered, then baked or naturally dried. It doesn't undergo rolling or frying process. Silver Needle can only be produced in early spring, and considered to be the rarest white tea. According to science research, white tea contains higher level of antioxidant properties than other teas, due to its production process. In Chinese herb and food science, white tea is cold bodied ,makes it the best tea for summer. It may help to reduce your inner heat. However, if your stomach is weak, usually feel upset when drinking ice drinks or eating cold foods, that is what called cold stomach in Chinese medicine (although more complicated), you'll want to go for oolong tea and black tea instead of white tea and green tea (i.e. more oxidized).

Hot Brewing
1 teaspoons loose tea / 1 teabag
150-250ml 85C (185F) hot water
First brew - 1 minutes
Second brew - 0.5 minute
Flowing brews - double the timing of previous brew
Provide 3+ servings

Cold Brewing
2 teaspoon loose tea / 2 teabag
500ml cold water
Chill for 4 hours before serving

Clay teaware, glassware, porcelain teaware.

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