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Black Tea - Organic Darjeeling Goomtee Black Tea

Black Tea - Organic Darjeeling Goomtee Black Tea

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Organic Darjeeling Goomtee Black Tea Vintage

Origin: Mahanadi, Darjeeling, India
Style : Fully oxidized, full bodied, earthy 
Loose leaf style : Short slender with tips
Loose leaf color : Copper
Wet leaf style : Dark crimson
Tea color : Dark crimson

Goomtee Tea Estate is one of the most famous tea estates in Darjeeling. This Goomtee black tea is made of Chinese cultivar Camellia sinensis, grown on the mountain slopes between 1000m - 2000m. The cool temperature and generous rainfall make this garden produces top grade Darjeeling. It is hand picked and processed, and yields a hint of muscatel flavour with ripe peach aroma. 

Hot Brewing
1 teaspoon loose tea / 1 teabag / 2.5g
150ml (5oz) 95C (203F) hot water
First brew - 2 minutes
Second brew - 1 minute
Flowing brews - double the timing of previous brew
Provide 3+ servings
Serve black or with milk and honey (cream and sugar)

Clay teaware, glassware, porcelain teaware.

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