Black Tea - Formosa Natural Wuhe Honey Black Tea


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Formosa Natural Wuhe Honey Black Tea
Pesticide free, naturally grown
Origin : Rueisuei, Hualien, Taiwan
Style : Fully oxidized, full body, ripe fruit aroma, honey sweetness
Loose leaf style : Brunet long twisted leaf
Wet leaf style : Crimson
Tea color : Honey brunet

Formosa Wuhe Honey Black Tea is naturally grown in Hualien, Taiwan. With the favours of green leaf cicadas this black tea is rich in taste and yields delicate honey note. Its smoothness and silkiness make it a unique black tea, not only attracts tea connoisseurs, also a frequent winner in worldwide tea contests. It is one of the Top 10 Formosa Tea .

Hualien is located at the east part of Taiwan, facing the Pacific Ocean in the east and leaning against the grand Central Mountain Range in the west. 400 years ago while Portuguese sailors saw this land from Pacific Ocean, they were fascinated by the immense scenery and called this emerald island "Formosa", which means beautiful island.

Hot Brewing
2 teaspoon loose tea / 1 teabag
150ml (5oz) 95C (203F) hot water
First brew - 2 minutes
Second brew - 1 minute
Flowing brews - double the timing of previous brew
Provide 3+ servings
Serve black or with milk and honey (cream and sugar)

Clay, glassware, porcelain.

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