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Oolong Tea - Formosa Da Man Zhong Baihao Oolong Choicest

Oolong Tea - Formosa Da Man Zhong Baihao Oolong Choicest

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Formosa Natural Damanzhong Baihao Oolong Choicest Grade
(Bai Hao Oolong, Imperial Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Dongfang Meiren, Dong Fang Mei Ren)
Naturally grown, pesticide free
Origin: Pinglin, Taipei,Taiwan  
Style: Medium-deep oxidised Oolong, full body, ripe fruit note, honey sweet finish
Loose leaf style: Long twisted leaf with bud
Loose leaf color: Mixed of black, brunette, dark green, khaki, and white buds
Wet leaf style: Brunette 
Tea color: Golden honey to brunette

Damanzhong is a special varietal for Baihao Oolong only grown in Pinglin, Taipei. It produces more white buds than other varietal. The name "Damanzhong" indicates its slow growing progress, only harvest in June. Along with the honey and fruity flavour of Baihao Oolong, it also yields unique pear undertones. Baihao Oolong, also known as Oriental Beauty (Dong Fang Mei Ren) or Formosa Imperial Oolong, is one of the top grade Oolong in Taiwan. The tea leaves are bitten by little tea bugs called "green leaf cicadas" and become sweet and fruity. It is said the name "Oriental Beauty" was chosen by Queen Elizabeth I because of the delicate taste and the colourful appearance of the tea. Baihao Oolong is grown naturally without any pesticide, uses only top buds and top leaves. "Baihao" indicates the white buds of the tea. The production is extremely labour intensive, and only harvest in summer. Baihao Oolong is medium-deep oxidized (65%), and is very different to other light oxidized Oolong Teas. As it was marketed in the western world for more than one century, it almost stands for the term "Formosa Oolong". In fact, it is one of the many oolong teas from Taiwan, and also the deepest oxidized Oolong tea produced in Taiwan.

Hot Brewing
2 teaspoons loose tea / 1 teabag
250ml 95C (203F) hot water
First brew - 1 minutes
Second brew - 0.5 minute
Flowing brews - double the timing of previous brew
Provide 3+ servings

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