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Oolong - Aged Formosa Wuyi Variety Oolong

Oolong - Aged Formosa Wuyi Variety Oolong

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Aged Formosa Wuyi Oolong
Origin : Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
Year: 2000
Style : Deep fermented Oolong, full bodied, fruity aroma
Loose leaf style : Dark brown half ball Dongding oolong style
Wet leaf style : Dark brown
Tea colour : Crimson

Formosa Aged Wuyi Oolong 2000 is a very rare find from Taiwan. Wuyi Tea Tree was first introduced to Taiwan 2 centuries ago. With developments of new varieties, Wuyi Tea Tree is getting smaller areas in Taiwan. Comparing to other new developed varieties such as Jinxuan or Cuiyu , Wuyi tea leaves produce darker oolong with riper characters, and may contain a more caffeine. Aged oolong is re-roasted every few years, and stored in clay pots to enhance aging. This aging process produces the unique ripe fruit and roasted rice aromas. It is mild in caffeine and smooth for your stomach.
How to store aged oolong? Store away from light, moisture, and odor. It is not necessary to keep in air-tight container, because it helps aging if the tea is exposed to some air. It improves aging to keep it in a clay canister

Hot Brewing
1 teaspoons loose tea / 1 teabag
150ml (5oz) 95C (203F) hot water
First brew - 1 minutes
Second brew - 0.5 minute
Flowing brews - double the timing of previous brew
Provide 3+ servings

Clay teaware, glassware, porcelain teaware.

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