Teaware - Lin's Ceramics Easy Tea Set


Lin's Ceramics Easy Tea Set 
The set including the following items:
Easy Steep Pot 150ml (5ml) x 1
Mini Tea Tray x 1
Tasting Cup x 2

Origin: Taiwan
Collection: Simple Ceramics
Matching Tea: All kinds of teas

Handmade by Lin's Ceramics Studio

About Lin's Ceramics Studio - A Pioneer in complete Tea sets When Lin's Ceramics Studio was established, it set its goal to be a brand name for creative cultural products that would last for a hundred years. To accomplish this goal, the studio integrated different ideas and techniques into the art of ceramics crafts. With professional ceramics manufacturing skills, the studio endeavored to make a series of tea sets. To achieve this goal, they integrate artistic concerns, professional know-how, and practical consideration, along with creativity into each craft as core concepts. In order to conserve water resources and purify the tea drinking process, they proposed the dry brewing method to allow different kinds of tea to demonstrate their features. As a result, they created the versatile Purion Series, and the Ju Ware Series, modern wares closely duplicating the official kilns of the Song Dynasty. To make your tea experience memorable, they have even proposed a breakthrough concept enhancing the tea quality with fine crafts, and brewing good tea with suitable ware.

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