Green Tea - Organic Uji Matcha Superior


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Organic Matcha Superior
Origin : Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Style : None oxidized
Loose leaf style : Powder
Loose leaf color : Lime green
Wet leaf style : Lime green
Tea color : Lime green
Cirtification: OCIA Certified Organic
This Organic Matcha Superior is from one of the best Green tea region in Japan area in Kyoto. Matcha is made of new leaves grown under diffused sunlight for 20-30 days before harvest. The tea leave is steamed and dried, ground into fine powder using the traditional stone mortar.

Brewing: Sift Matcha powder for better lather. Place 2 Chashaku (Matcha spoon) of Matcha powder in Chawan or tea bowl. Pour in a small amount of 95°C (203°F) water and stir into paste, than pour in 70ml 80°C (176°F) water, use Chasen (bamboo whisk) quickly whisk in direction of writing W into a frothy lather.

Teaware: Chawan, tea bowl.

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