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Formosa Shanlinxi Oolong
Formosa Shanlinxi Oolong Formosa Shanlinxi Oolong Formosa Shanlinxi Oolong
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Formosa Shanlinxi Oolong (Taiwan)


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15g Mini Bag
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50g Canister
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100g Bag
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100g Canister
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Formosa Shan Lin Xi Oolong (Oolong, Jushan, Nantou, Taiwan)

(Shanlinxi High Mountaion Oolong)

: Jushan, Nantou,Taiwan 竹山.南投.台灣
Style: High altitude, light fermented Oolong, medium bodied, smooth floral sweet
Loose leaf style: Half ball dongding oolong style
Loose leaf color: Brownish dark green
Wet leaf style: Dark green center with brown red edge
Tea color: Honey green

Grown at high elevation (1600 meters) in Jushan (Nantou, Taiwan), Shanlinxi Oolong is one of the premium Gaoshancha (High Mountain Tea) in Taiwan. The high elevation provides ideal conditions for oolong tea growing, produces the smoothest and slight astringent oolong tea. Gaoshancha (High Mountain Tea) from Taiwan has been considered as best quality oolong tea by tea connoisseurs. Compare to Dongding Oolong, Shanlixi Oolong is smoother and closer to Green Tea in taste, it is the best choice after having a big meal.


Steep 1 teaspoon tea leaves in 150cc(5oz) 95°C(203F) water, steam about 1 minute for the first brew to unroll the leaves. 30-40 seconds for the second infusion, and double the timing for the following infusions. Provides 3 or more infusions.

The tea leaves need to be fully expanded in the container. To avoid over packed, loose tea leaves should be less than 1/4 full of the teapot or container. After steeping, the tea leaves will expand to 80%-90% of the container.

Gongfu teaware or Yixing pots suit best for Oolong tea, glassware, Gaiwan, or porcelain teaware are also good personal choices.

REVIEW BY: Doug Frey Reviewed  10 July 2009
It was a pleasure to find the AuraTeas website. The information provided is of benefit to all levels of interest in teas.Being a real fan of high mountain oolong I had to try the Shanlinxi high mountain oolong. Tea is a morning ritual for me I am brewing in a somewhat unorthodox manner using a 450 ml. porcelain tea pot and only one tea spoon of leaves, steeping for 4-5 min and allowing for two pourings.I miss the changes in taste that a Gongfu tea pot allows with each new pouring, but I just don't have the time in the morning. Aurateas Shanlinxi High mountain is a fine example of a high mountain oolong. The aroma when poured brings memories of newly mown green and invites you to taste.The tea has a smooth flavor approaching the ideal balance of sweet and astringent flavors one expects from a fine high mountain oolong.The flavors stay on the tongue and change as a good wine will.This is listed as a medium fermented oolong tea, although it is slightly more fermented than some Shanlinxi high mountain I have tasted, I would consider it a lightly fermented tea.This tea is a good value and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to try a high mountain green oolong for the first time or as a tea to enjoy for the experienced tea drinker.

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