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Formosa Baihao Oolong Choice
Formosa Baihao Oolong Choice Formosa Baihao Oolong Choice Formosa Baihao Oolong Choice
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Formosa Natural Baihao Oolong Choice


Price: CAD$3.00

7g Mini Bag
2-4 servings

Stock: 3

Price: CAD$8.50

21g Canister
7-12 servings

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Price: CAD$15.50

42g Bag
14-24 servings

Stock: 3

Price: CAD$16.00

42g Canister
14-24 servings

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Price: CAD$33.00

112g Bag
38-56 servings

Stock: 3


Formosa Natural Baihao Oolong Choice Grade
(Formosa Bai Hao Oolong, Formosa Imperial Oolong, Formosa Oriental Beauty, Formosa Dong Feng Mei Ren)
Natually gorwn, pesticide free

Origin: Pinglin, Taipei,Taiwan 坪林‧台北‧台灣
Style: Medium-deep oxidiced Oolong, full bodied, ripe fruit note, honey sweet finish
Loose leaf style: Long twisted leaf with bud
Loose leaf color: Mixed of brunet, dark green, brown, black leaves and white buds
Wet leaf style: Brunet
Tea color: Golden Honey

Baihao Oolong, also known as Oriental Beauty (Dongfang Mei Ren) or Formosa Imperial Oolong, is one of the top grade Formosa Oolongs in Taiwan. This is another gift from the little tea bug 「green leaf cicadas」. After the bugs tasted the tea leaf, it becomes sweet and fruity. It is said the name of 「Oriental Beauty」 was chosen by Queen Elizabeth because of the delicate taste and the colorful appearance of the tea. Baihao Oolong is grown naturally without any pesticide, uses only top buds and top leaves. The name 「Baihao」 came from the white buds of the tea. The production is extremely labor intensive, and only harvest in summer.
Baihao Oolong is medium-deep oxidized (65%), and is very different to other light oxidized Formosa Oolong Teas. As it was marketed in the western world for more than one century, it almost stands for the tern 「Formosa Oolong」. In fact, this is also the deepest oxidized Oolong tea produced in Taiwan.

Steep 2 teaspoon tea leaf in 120c.c.(4oz) 80°C(176F) hot water for 1 minute, add another 20-30 seconds for following infustions. Serve 3-6 or more infusions. 
Although Baihao Oolong belongs to Oolong catagory, it is harvest in summer from Chingsin Oolong varietal (or Cingsin Oolong) varietal, these facts make it stronger in character than other Oolongs. Which means it is better lower the water temperature to 80°C, and use teaware which is easy to conduct and release heat.

Glassware, Gaiwan, or porcelain teaware

REVIEW BY: Tim Reviewed  13 March 2012
Much closer to a white tea or even a Dragonwell on first steep. I was amazed at the change in taste with each successive steep. From fruity, to nutty to the wonderful malted taste of everyday Oolongs. As always an exceptional tea from an exceptional tea company. Thank you!

REVIEW BY: Jessica Reviewed  30 June 2010
I tried this sample last night and I loved it! I can really detect the honey in this oolong along with its light earthy notes. This is a medium bodied tea in my opinion and very well done! I can't wait to try more of auraTeas teas! Check out some of my other tea reviews on Again, thanks auraTeas for this fine oolong!

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