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Organic Matcha Superior
Organic Matcha Superior Organic Matcha Superior
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Japan Organic Matcha Superior


Price: CAD$7.20

14g Mini Bag
6 servings

Stock: 6

Price: CAD$23.50

48g Canister
24 servings

Stock: 5

Price: CAD$44.50

84g Bag
42 servings

Stock: 6

Price: CAD$45.00

84g Canister
42 servings

Stock: 6

Price: CAD$112.00

224g Bag
110-120 servings

Stock: 5


Organic Matcha Superior

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan 宇治. 京都. 日本
Style: None oxidized
Loose leaf style: Powder
Loose leaf color: Lime green
Wet leaf style: Lime green
Tea color: Lime green
Cirtification: OCIA Certified Organic

This Organic Matcha Superior is from one of the best Green tea region in Japan – Uji area in Kyoto. Matcha is made of new leaves grown under diffused sunlight for 20-30 days before harvest. The tea leave is steamed and dried, ground into fine powder using the traditional stone mortar. Our Organic Matcha is harvested once a year to ensure its aroma.

Brewing: You can sift Matcha powder for better lather. Place 2 Chashaku (Matcha spoon) of Matcha powder in Chawan or tea bowl. Pour in 70cc 80°C-100°C (185F-boiling) water. Using Chasen (bamboo whisk) quickly whisk Matcha in direction of writing "W" into a frothy lather.  

Teaware: Chawan, tea bowl.

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