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Formosa Lugu Sijichun
Formosa Lugu Sijichun Formosa Lugu Sijichun Formosa Lugu Sijichun
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Formosa Lugu Si Ji Chun Oolong


Price: CAD$3.50

14g Mini Bag
4-6 servings

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Price: CAD$13.20

56g Canister
20-24 servings

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Price: CAD$25.00

112g Bag
40-48 servings

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Price: CAD$25.50

112g Canister
40-48 servings

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Price: CAD$45.00

224g Bag
80-96 servings

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Price: CAD$90.00

500g Bag
190-220 servings

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Formosa Lugu Si Ji Chun Oolong
Ever Lasting Spring)

: Lugu, Nantou,Taiwan 鹿谷.南投.台灣
Style: High altitude, light fermented, none roasted oolong
Loose leaf style: Half ball
Loose leaf color: Brownish dark green
Wet leaf style: Dark green center with brown red edge
Tea color: Honey green  

Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea, the name translates as "Everlasting Spring", is a tea varietal developed in Taiwan during the 1990s. As the name, Si Ji Chun is fast-growing and the strong bushes can be harvested 4-5 times a year. It is processed in half-ball style. The smooth fresh floral aromas distinguishes Si Ji Chun from other light fermented Oolongs, and makes it a best choice for Oolong beginners. Lugu Si Ji Chun is grown in Lugu area with altitude of 1600 meters.


Steep 1 teaspoon tea leaves in 150cc(5oz) 95°C(203F) water, steam about 1 minute for the first brew to unroll the leaves. 30-40 seconds for the second infusion, and double the timing for the following infusions. Provides 3 or more infusions.

The tea leaves need to be fully expanded in the container. To avoid over packed, loose tea leaves should be less than 1/4 full of the teapot or container. After steeping, the tea leaves will expand to 80%-90% of the container.

Gong Fu teaware, Yi Xing teapot, Gai Wan, porcelain, pottery, glassware.

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